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Get to Know Us

The Rev. Yadi Martínez-Reyna,(MDiV), is a non-binary, queer, Latin, individual ordained in the United Church of Christ, an artist, and founder of Color Splash Out. 


Our story begins in 2022, when Yadi reached out to a group of friends proposing the concept of a queer camp. From their initial phone discussion, they have remained dedicated to establishing a summer program that welcomes all teenagers, regardless of class, gender, sexuality,  or religious beliefs. 

Today, Color Splash Out, has evolved into a 501 c.3 non-profit that bringing together individuals from all walks of life to co-create a safe and brave space for all Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Questioning, + young people and their ally friends from ages 11 to 23 beyond a summer camp.


Color Splash Out is a nonprofit organization that operates at a grassroots level. This means that all activities of our organization are led by our main body of members, our Board of Directors and founding volunteers. Everyone comes from all walks of life, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identify and faith or no faith tradition. Our mission is to create safe and brave spaces, and it all starts with our team of volunteers. 

Our Color Splash Out Team consists of our camp director, director for music and performing arts, our director of media, and our director of internship programming, our director of education and workshops, as well as behavioral science and registered nurse volunteers who make the affirming spectrum team.  

The Board of Directors

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